§ Profile

I'm a senior manager of engineering teams & organizations with over 11 years of hands on development and high level strategic vision. My unique accelerated experience has given me insight into every role of an engineering organization which prepares me to lead with a strong vision, but the tact technical teams need.

I'm a passionate technologist that believes in a very product-oriented approach to ensure business needs are accomplished. My approach to software engineering is found in the word engineer, as I believe it is our jobs to strive for quality products that are more than the specifications. I believe very strongly in being open, clear, and transparent with everyone who I interact with.

§ Competencies

  • Software Development
  • Team Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Database Administration
  • Unit & Feature Testing
  • VCS & CI/CD
  • Procedural Programming
  • Functional Programming
  • DevOps

§ Experience

Idelic - Pittsburgh, Pa August 2018 - November 2020

Director of Engineering

Idelic is a business to business software as a service provider in the trucking industry with one major goal: prevent accidents on our roads. I joined Idelic as employee number 5 as a Senior Software Engineer focused on building our internal ETL platform. Since then I have grown into managing small teams, and eventually the entire engineering department.

As Director of Engineering at a startup, my responsibilities range from being a hands on engineering manager for one team, to managing senior leaders who manage other engineering teams. I wear many hats, which has made me a subject matter expert for all of our projects. These combination of skills ensured that I provide maximum value to the business in delivering high level goals, and can still write some code to get something out.

Some of my major feats in this position include:

  • Built & hired the internal team from 1 engineer to 25 engineers across multiple disciplines and experiences
  • Implemented Agile development lifecycle processes for that introduced consistency to our deployments and quality to our features
  • Communicated with external and internal stakeholders to gather requirements, define goals, and identify risks
  • Introduced the first performance management and continuous development plans at Idelic
  • Collaboratively built engineering best practices with version control, testing and QA
  • Designed & organized implementation of flexible ETL framework
  • Deployed strategy for breaking down our monolith into microservices to ensure we can scale with the customers need
  • Created security and compliance policies for HIPAA-related data and developed a path for a SOC audit

Eyemart Express - Farmers Branch, Tx August 2012 - August 2018

Senior Software Developer, DevOps

Eyemart Express is the 7th largest optical retail in the United States with over 140 locations in 30 states. At Eyemart Express I focus on optic specific applications (inventory management, optical oriented PoS, lab management systems). I also worked on several front end projects, like a patient scheduling system and e-commerce websites.

In Q2'15 Eyemart Express focused on growing their infrastructure and disaster recovery. My work since then has been building out a reliable AWS environment for running our most taxing business processes.

In 2016-2017 I had the opportunity to lead a team to create a new Point of Sale system for our stores. I was responsible for core development, organizing and prioritizing our goals.

Some of my major feats as a developer at this position include:

  • Refactored a business metric & reporting engine to help our Operations & Marketing teams
  • Created a customer deduplication and CRM management tool with product recommendation features
  • Designed & implemented a digital signage system
  • Creating a 3D virtual try on with JavaScript that utilizes your computers webcam to preview glasses on your face
  • Worked with a piece of software that handles figuring out the PD (Pupillary Distance) of the eyes using a webcam and C++
  • Built a complete front to back order fulfillment system
  • Deployed several major software upgrades to 180+ physical locations

DigitalOcean - Remote Work Dec 2012 - Jun 2013

Customer Support

Worked part time at DigitalOcean supporting customers with their VPSes. Troubleshooted almost every Linux issue known to man.

Some of my major feats as a customer support representative at this position include:

  • Working directly with customers and potential customers (sales)
  • Debugging various issues with software and the OS

Axxim, LLC - Pittsburgh, Pa July 2009 - Present


Axxim, LLC is my testbed of ideas and products.

Example Projects:
  • Leasary - Leasary is a rental property marketplace focused on modernizing the traditionally pen-and-paper rental industry.
  • PatchNotes - Subscribe to updates from your favorite projects and services.
  • Minotar - Minotar serves Minecraft heads using a simple API
    (Golang, High Availability, Currently serves 8 billion images a month)
  • Ignite - Web based collaborative development environment with code testing (now discontinued)
    (HTML/CSS/NodeJS/JavaScript/Ace Editor)